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Application field

Golmud Oilfield


"The world was born, Kunlun, read the spring of the world." Golmud refinery started construction on August 1, 1991, and was completed and put into operation on July 15, 1993. The Golmud Refinery is part of the Qinghai Oilfield Company of China National Petroleum Corporation. It is located in the Qaidam Basin of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in the North Qilian Mountains of the South Kunlun Mountains. It covers an altitude of 2,850 meters and covers an area of 153.58 hectares. It was adopted by the State Planning Commission in November 1986. The Development and Reform Commission) approved the project.

At present, the annual crude oil processing capacity of the Golmud Refinery is 1.5 million tons, mainly including 22 sets of refinery and distillation units with annual capacity of 1.5 million tons of atmospheric and vacuum distillation units, 900,000 tons of heavy oil catalytic cracking units, and 300,000 tons of methanol plants per year. Corresponding water, electricity, steam, wind, road, information, storage and transportation facilities. There are 14 kinds of refinery and chemical products, of which gasoline and diesel products are mainly sold to the two provinces of Qinghai and Tibet, providing a continuous supply of energy for the economic development of the two provinces.

Since the establishment of the factory, the employees of Golmud Refinery have taken root in the plateau and selfless dedication, actively promoted local economic development, supported national defense construction, and protected the ecological environment, forming a spirit of “serving, striving for prosperity and co-prosperity”. The Golmud Refinery is also known as "Pearl of the plateau."