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Secretary of the Jiangshan Municipal Committee “Guest” Depamu


In the early summer of May, happy events followed, and Governor Mao received the Secretary of the Child. Tong Weixin, Secretary of the Jiangshan Municipal Party Committee, Jiang Yan, Director of the Municipal Party Committee Office, Wang Yonghua, Director of the Development and Reform Commission, Xu Yuanan, Director of the Development Zone, and Zhou Qiulin, Director of the Investment Promotion Bureau, visited Depham in May 2018 to visit and investigate the production and operation of our company and the company's future development plan. .

Pictured-Leadership photo

The picture is-group photo (left) Secretary of Tong, (right) Chairman Zhou Liang

First of all, Secretary Tong and his entourage accompanied by the leaders went into the manufacturing production workshop, and made inquiries and understanding of our products. The spacious and tidy workshop, advanced production equipment, and orderly warehouse management made everyone astounded. After listening to De Palm's Vice President Xu Weihua's introduction to technology and product development, everyone who visited visited it with a thumbs up and was highly praised by Secretary Tong.

Depam products have introduced German technology and management, are designed in accordance with international API standards, and have a number of patented technologies leading the world's front-end. They have established long-term strategic partnerships with the world's top 500 companies and are exported to Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Australia. Multiple countries and regions. Its products are widely used and praised by users.

Pictured: Secretary Tong and his party visited the manufacturing workshop

The picture shows-Chairman Zhou Liang explains the principle of metering pump

Pictured-General Manager Xu introduces warehouse management

The picture shows-the installation area visit, listen to Chairman Zhou introduce the installation process

Secondly, everyone had a discussion. At the meeting, Secretary Tong said: As a manufacturing company with Jiangshan people abroad, he was able to make the company so sophisticated, so large, so strong, so advanced, and he was very shocked. He was also proud of Jiangshan people. He hoped that Depham would expand the business to his hometown and benefit his people.

The picture shows-in the meeting

Pictured-Secretary Secretary speaks

Pictured-Chairman Zhou Liang speaks

Chairman De Palm Zhou Liang also talked about the future development planning and conception of the company. He stated that in the next few years, "the establishment of a manufacturing base in his hometown and contribution to the people of his hometown" will be put on the agenda; brand strategy and refined marketing Supported by strategy, technological innovation and talent strategy, we will strive to build high-end enterprises in the field of fluid manufacturing.