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Leaders of CNOOC Headquarters visited our company for inspection and guidance


Today, Director Luo of the General Office of China National Offshore Oil Corporation and CNOOC executives came to Depham for a field investigation and investigation. Depam's general manager Zhou Liang and deputy general manager Xu Weihua accompanied the inspection and investigation.

China National Offshore Oil Corporation is China ’s largest offshore oil and gas production enterprise. With the overexploitation of onshore oil resources, the onshore oil resources are almost exhausted; however, the vast and immense ocean contains abundant oil and gas resources, which will be important for future global oil and gas resources. Succession area; with the development of petroleum exploration and development technology, the footprint of human oil extraction from land to sea. In recent years, Deppam has provided a lot of equipment in several oil production areas in the Bohai Sea (Tianjin), the western South China Sea (Zhanjiang), and the eastern South China Sea (Shenzhen).

In the investigation, first of all, Director Luo and his team inspected the Deparm production workshop. Rows of modern processing equipment, high-pressure process diaphragm pumps of the second phase of the Indian project being debugged, a sufficient stock of spare parts and spare parts warehouses, and a spacious and bright workshop were all obtained. In recognition of the other party's high degree of approval, Director Luo said that CNOOC is very pleased to have such a powerful supplier as De Palm.

Deputy General Manager Xu Weihua gave a brief description of the company's manufacturing technology, R & D team, and scientific management model. At the same time, he demonstrated the company's excellent manufacturing technology to the other side, especially one of the high viscosity pumps and Brazil Several high-pressure process diaphragm pumps to be shipped for the deep-sea project were shocked by Mr. Luo and his party.

The two parties conducted meticulous and comprehensive communication in a friendly atmosphere, deepened the friendship between the two parties, and promoted a new level of cooperation between the two parties. In the next step, our company will achieve greater development in the CNOOC project.