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In the autumn of October, a friend came from India-the Indian project owner came to Depamu to inspect the goods


Our company has completed the production of diaphragm pumps for the Indian project. On October 22, 2018, the Indian owner and his party made a special trip to the beautiful Hangzhou-Depam company for field inspection and inspection. A warm reception.

First of all, everyone came to the Deparm conference room for a discussion. The owner introduced the applied project overview. He said that this project is the largest oil company project in India and the oil production is very large. (The following figure)


Next, the person in charge of Depam project gave a detailed introduction to Depam's development in recent years, the achievements it has made, the development vision plan, and the product production progress. (The following figure)


Later, accompanied by the general manager, he visited the clean and bright office environment of Depham and the orderly production workshop. Advanced factory equipment, unique production technology, sophisticated testing methods, and strong technical strength have all been obtained by the owner. Fang's high recognition, followed by everyone's observation of the production process of the diaphragm pump. During the test, he said that its performance has exceeded international standards, and the product is highly appreciated and highly recognized. (The following figure)




Depaam diaphragm reciprocating pump technology leads the world. It is the only manufacturer in the world to produce this type of pump. It has an invention patent and replaces the traditional plunger reciprocating pump. Its compact design, small size, high efficiency and cost Low, stable and reliable operation, low noise, diversified assembly forms, can be personalized design according to customer needs, can meet extremely demanding working conditions, can accurately and reliably transport materials, zero leakage, and solve the plunger reciprocating pump has always been The worldwide problem of leakage makes it reduce energy consumption, save costs, and is not restricted by various fields. It fills the gaps in the reciprocating pump industry at home and abroad. It is particularly favored in oil and gas fields. It is also the high-pressure reciprocating pump of Depam on the diaphragm pump. The new breakthrough of the company enjoys a very high reputation in the industry, which gives Depham a great advantage based on the industry and once again leads Depham products to the world.


Finally, the rigorous and pleasant inspection process laid a solid foundation for the second phase of the project in India. (The following figure)