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Plunger Metering Pump
The plunger is in direct contact with the medium, and the volume of the working chamber is periodically changed through the reciprocating movement of the plunger, so as to achieve the suction and discharge of the medium.


◆ High-performance plunger and special packing, sealing components, long service life and superior sealing performance;

◆ High precision one-way valve group is used at the inlet and outlet, which effectively ensures the measurement accuracy and flowability;

◆ Simple structure, easy maintenance and high cost performance.

◆ Integrated "Oude" worm gear pair transmission, low noise and high efficiency;

◆ Adopt patented integral sleeve adjustable eccentric transmission mechanism, which is simple and reliable. The stroke can be adjusted steplessly 0-100%; the measurement accuracy is ± 0.5%.

◆ Oil-immersed lubrication to ensure long-term and reliable use of the transmission mechanism;

◆ Various flow adjustment methods, manual, electric, pneumatic, frequency conversion adjustment;

◆ Electric stroke adjustment mechanism can realize remote automatic control;

◆ Can be double-headed or multi-headed in parallel, up to 12 heads; multiple pump heads can be used to transport the same medium to reduce the pulse; multiple media can be transported and used as proportional pumps.

◆ There is no safety relief device, it is recommended to install a safety valve on the outlet pipe of the pump.


Material selection

The pump head can be 304, 316, 316L, 904, Hastelloy C, polymer and so on.


Application range

Widely used in petrochemical, natural gas, oil and gas fields, plastic foaming, power, metallurgical cleaning and other fields. It is especially popular in the process of conveying various liquid media such as high viscosity, high pressure, and high temperature.

◆ Single pump head flow range: ≤12100L / h;

◆ Up to: 228MPa