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Hydrazine dosing device
Hydrazine dosing device
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Hydrazine dosing device


The feed water plus hydrazine unit is used in the thermal power system of the thermal power plant. By tracking the change of the water vapor quality of the thermal system, the dosing and metering pump automatically adds the hydrazine to the water vapor system, so that the water vapor quality of the system is in good working condition, and the safe operation of the unit is ensured.

Dissolved oxygen in the boiler water vapor system is the main factor that causes corrosion of the thermal equipment and threatens the safe operation of the boiler. The addition of hydrazine to the feed water is a chemical process that achieves further enhanced oxygen removal following the deaerator. The dosage of hydrazine in the anammamine unit is strictly controlled, and the dosage is too small to ensure the oxygen removal effect. Therefore, the purpose of preventing boiler corrosion and ensuring the safe and economic operation of the power plant is not achieved; Unnecessary waste, but also lead to environmental pollution. If the hydrazine automatic dosing device is used, the amount of hydrazine added can be automatically adjusted according to the actual operating conditions of the boiler, so that the concentration of the hydrazine in the feed water is kept within the optimal range.


Process overview

The hydrazine dosing device is composed of a solution tank, a mixer, a metering pump, an electric control cabinet, a liquid level gauge, a safety valve, a pulsation damper, various valves, pipes, and the like. It can be controlled manually or locally. The automatic control is realized based on the signal of the frequency converter receiving the flow rate, the oxygen content, and the turbidity meter.



Function introduction of automatic control system: In the automatic control state, the system automatically adjusts the speed and stroke of the metering pump according to the flow rate and turbidity meter signal through PLC, host computer or DCS. The metering pump flow adjustment range is 0~100%. The inverter's speed control input signal is a standard 4~2mA signal, and the feedback signal is also a 4~2mA signal. The status and fault signals of all metering pumps and agitators can be transmitted to the DCS or the host computer as needed. The DCS or the host computer can remotely start and stop the dosing pump as needed.

? According to different technical requirements, the electric control cabinet can be equipped with local manual control, semi-automatic control and fully automatic control.

? The solution tank can be made of 316 stainless steel or 304 stainless steel according to different corrosion resistance requirements.