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Supercritical CO2 fluid drying device
Supercritical CO2 fluid drying device
Supercritical Fluid Equipment
Supercritical CO2 fluid drying technology is a new type of drying method developed by utilizing the special properties of supercritical CO2 fluid. It has a remarkable feature in the process of drying, that is, the process of removing water or other solvents, due to the re Establish a phase equilibrium relationship between carbon dioxide and the material to be removed. The dried material does not have a change in microstructure due to capillary surface tension (such as collapse of the pores), so that particles having a small particle size and uniform distribution can be obtained.
Supercritical CO2 fluid drying device


1. It can be carried out under mild temperature conditions, especially suitable for drying heat sensitive materials;

2. It can effectively dissolve and extract large molecular weight, high boiling point and difficult volatile substances;

3. The organic solvent can be easily removed from the solid material by changing the working conditions.


1. Material development and application areas: preparation of aerogels;

2. Pharmaceutical industry: drying of antibiotic drugs;

3. Food industry: the treatment of bacteria in raw materials.