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Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump
Working principle: The plunger is in direct contact with the medium, and the volume of the working chamber is periodically changed through the reciprocating movement of the plunger, so as to achieve the purpose of suction and discharge of the medium.

◆ The pump head can be divided into hydraulic diaphragm type, plunger type and piston type;

◆ Motor adopts vertical installation, safe and leak-free;

◆ Hydraulic diaphragm pump adopts built-in safety valve and replenishing valve, which can automatically exhaust and replenish oil, with superior and reliable performance;

◆ Integrated "Oude" worm gear pair transmission, low noise and high efficiency;

◆ Adopt patented integral sleeve adjustable eccentric transmission mechanism, which is simple and reliable, and the stroke can be adjusted steplessly 0-100%;

◆ High precision one-way valve group is used at the inlet and outlet, which effectively ensures the measurement accuracy and flowability;

◆ High-performance plunger and special packing, diaphragm, seal assembly, long service life and superior sealing performance;

◆ Oil-immersed lubrication to ensure long-term and reliable use of the transmission mechanism;

◆ Adjustable range: 10 ~ 100%, measurement accuracy: ± 0.5%;

◆ Various flow adjustment methods, including manual, electric, pneumatic, frequency conversion adjustment.