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Screw pump
Screw pump
Screw pump
Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump / Screw Pump / Rotor Pump
Widely used in food, beverage, wine making, paper making, electric power, chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, construction and environmental engineering, etc. In the petroleum industry, it is mainly used to transport crude oil, heavy oil, various catalysts, polymers (polymer injection in oil fields), sludge, oily sewage, and public works.
Screw pump
Screw pump




Widely apply to the following fields: foodstuff, beverage, wine-making, paper and pulp, power plants, chemical, petrochemical industries, mining, building industries and environmental engineering.


In petrochemical industries, they are usually applied to deliver crude oil, thick oil, all kinds of

 catalyst, polymer (polymer injection in oilfield), oil sludge, oily sewage water and public works. 


Main Feature:


API 676 Standard

? 可實現液、氣、固體的多相混輸;

Faultless multi-phase delivery of liquid, gas and solid;

? 具有自吸能力: 吸程可達8m;

Self suction: Suction is up to 8 meters;

? 泵內流體流動時容積不發生變化,沒有湍流、攪動和脈動;

Volume of moving fluid is constant, no torrent, stir and pulse;

? 彈性定子形成的容積腔能有效地降低輸送含固體顆粒介質時的磨耗;

High wear resistance when deliver the high solid content through the elastic stator chamber.

? 可輸送高粘度、高含固率介質;輸送介質粘度可達100000CP,含固量可達60%;

It can deliver the fluid with high viscosity and high solid content: the max viscosity is up to 100000CP, the solid content is up to 60%;

? 流量和轉速成正比,借助調速器可實現流量的自動調節;

The flow is directly proportional to the speed of rotation, the flow can be automatically adjusted by speed regulator;

? 恒壓控制,防干運行保護;

Constant pressure control and dry running protection.

? 無閥系統--泵本身具有止回閥的作用;

Valveless system - pump has non-return valve function;

? 可以反轉;


? 可靈活應用于各個行業;

Versatile use in all industries;

輸送能力:30L/h-150 m3/h

Transfer capacity : 30L/h -150 m3/h

排出壓力:0-4.8 Mpa     (根據需要可滿足更高壓力要求)

Discharge pressure:0-4.8Mpa ,(It can meet the higher pressure according to requirement)