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Rotor pump
Rotor pump
Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump / Screw Pump / Rotor Pump
Application: Widely used in petrochemical industry, wastewater treatment, drinking water supply, offshore, oil pollution recovery and rescue, resin, chemical fiber and other industries.
Rotor pump

Main features:

◆ The viscosity of the conveyable medium is ≤2 million CP, and the loading of the solid content is 60%. The conveying flow range is 0.1-3000m3 / h.

◆ Super strong self-priming ability without irrigation and auxiliary devices, the maximum self-priming is 9 meters.

◆ Double support is more stable, output pressure can reach 1.8Mpa, multi-stage pump can reach 3.0Mpa.

◆ No clogging and multiple rotor types ensure high throughput of different materials. The maximum diameter of incompressible material is 80mm.

◆ Smooth conveying, small pulsation, can convey solid, liquid and gas mixed media.

◆ Ternary flow precision mold and five-axis linkage technology, high efficiency and low noise.

◆ Can be reversed, especially suitable for loading and unloading occasions.

◆ Compact structure, less wearing parts and low failure rate.

◆ On-line maintenance design, no need to disassemble the pipeline for maintenance.

◆ Low speed 10-650r / min, slight wear, and equipped with axial radial wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant bushing, longer operating life.

◆ Heat preservation and cooling, and safety valve and other configurations ensure the technical requirements of special working conditions.

◆ Convenient control to adjust the flow rate by adjusting the speed, suitable for process requirements that require flow changes.

◆ Suitable for the transportation of shear-sensitive media, such as liquid bombs and other special materials.

◆ Wide range of applications and strong suitability. Within the range of flow and pressure, pumps made of special materials and special rotors can meet different working conditions.

Parameter range

Flow range: 0.2-1500 m3 / h

Discharge pressure: 0-1.5 Mpa